Alexander McLeod Primary School


Please find below examples of positive comments and good things noticed about the school. If you would like to leave feedback about the school please feel free to contact us via email on


It was great to spend time at Alex McLeod.  Thank you also to your school leaders for their presentation this morning.  It was great to see the impact of the enquiry-based learning and how your history curriculum has changed and improved for all learners. It was such a positive morning.  I am still smiling following our meeting with the children.

Thank you for the very inspiring school visit yesterday. You have a lovely school.

 Local Authority Peer review team


 Dear Mr Mustafa,

I just wanted to follow up and say how fantastic and well behaved the students were and what a joy it was having them in the building.
I am so pleased they enjoyed it and really would love to have you all back in the building soon.

 Hi All, 

I have been working with KM in year 7 at X secondary school.  I just wanted to pass on how impressed I am with him and his reflective attitude and use of emotional language.  I really feel this stems from the support put in place at Alex McLeod.  He has settled in well and is receiving positive behaviour points for his thoughtfulness for others. Today he was able to explain that he found a couple of things challenging (changes) and also explain what he felt would help him – these were all reasonable ideas and easily implementable.

I was really impressed and proud of him and his growth.  I feel that the nurturing support put in place at Alex McLeod has really benefited him and wanted to share this with you.

Kind Regards

Dr Nicki Warner

Educational Psychologist


Hi Chris and Jen (Inclusion)

I just wanted to say thank you for this academic year and sorry I have not been able to call in to say this in person before the end of term. Working with you this year has been a pleasure.  The way you engage with the families and are able to consider the whole system around the child is so valuable – especially your presence in EP meetings with the family.  This is not something that happens in all schools and it makes such a difference to the willingness of families and children to engage with me. This has been especially important especially in the cases around the challenging behaviour you are seeing in some of your children – being able to have those open conversations with home and school together makes such a difference.


This year has been extremely challenging in terms of special educational needs and behaviour across the borough – but the practice at Alexander McLeod has been exceptional even in the most challenging of situations.

Dr Nicki Warner

Educational Psychologist


Good evening Mr Mustafa,

I hope you are well.

I just wanted to send over a slightly belated thank you again for a wonderful three days in your school during Challenge Partners. I was made to feel so welcome by everyone from the office team through to all of the leaders who I was lucky enough to speak with and work alongside. 

You truly do have a wonderful school and I was able to take away so much which will undoubtedly improve the education and lives of the children in my setting.

I wish everyone at Alexander McLeod the very best for the future.

Dave Bostock

Assistant Head


Dear Sir / Madam

I have just got off the train at South Ken where a class of your children (I believe they are your school) got off the train.
They did you proud.
Sensible, polite, good staff and parents I just thought I’d share.

Yours John Grove


Dear Mr Mustafa,

Thanks so much for your kind email. May I say I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your school yesterday.  You were so generous with your time and I really appreciated that. I also appreciated your candour.

I so enjoyed my tour of the school. I loved the “McLeod Moments” concept and the quality displays. The children were all so studious and yet you absolutely knew that they were enjoying their activity. You, Lorraine and the staff team have obviously worked so hard to make school a whole experience whether it’s an activity in the classroom or in the playground or in the forest area. I loved hearing about Frankie gaining his pen licence in year 3 and seeing his beautiful handwriting. I also valued the current affairs issues such as refugees being part of the curriculum. You promote creativity and that’s evidenced by the children’s work. 

You clearly have set high standards for teaching and learning in your school but also for behaviour. Please count me as a friend of Alex McLeod and let me know if there’s anything I can ever do to help. 

Thank you again for a really great visit 

-Mayor, Denise Hyland


On behalf of the Schools and Family Learning department I would like to extend a big thank you to your students for their behaviour on their visit to St Paul’s Cathedral. The workshop guides were really impressed with the respect that they showed towards the building, their interesting questions and comments and their enthusiasm.


Please see attached a certificate for your Year 6 classes, which we hope you would like to display in your classrooms.

Thank you for your visit,
We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best wishes,



Good morning,                                        

We had a school visit yesterday at 4pm and I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed it. Please say thank you to Mr Mustafa for taking time to give us such a wonderful tour of the Reception Building and the outdoor provisions. The visit provided us with a better understanding of what Alexander McLeod Primary School has to offer. The information that you shared was very helpful. We consider your school will provide for our daughter enough scope to grow in the future. The visit confirmed us we took the right decision on applying for a place at Alexander McLeod.

Thank you again for the time and consideration!

 - Prospective Reception Parent 


The school has an extremely positive approach to sport and physical activity, and uses a variety of methods to engage students in regular activity, including offering a wide range of curricular and extracurricular options and some new and innovative opportunities for less active young people to engage including their breakfast / physical activity club 'Train like a Jedi'.

- School Games Mark 2018/19 Report


Dear Mr Mustafa

Today I travelled from London by train to Dartford.  A party of children from your school joined the train at Waterloo.
I want to pass on how well behaved, polite and articulate your pupils were. 
They did you proud.

- A commuter on the train with our travelling Year 6 children.


Thank you so much for allowing me to do work experience at the school.

I had an excellent time during my placement whilst learning a lot about teaching and admin tasks. I gave me an insight as to how meticulous planning has to be, especially in the younger stages of the school and how much influence the school has had on me and also the children in Reception. I am very thankful for my education at Alexander McLeod and the opportunity you gave me on my placement.

- Marsha Frempong- Blackfen School for Girls


We would have needed to bring tons of chocolates and millions of cards to truly thank all the staff at Alexander McLeod Primary school for my child's six years at the school.  She was taught with excellence and supported in difficult times.  Thank you to all staff at Alexander McLeod.

 - Year 6 Parent


Congratulations to Alexander McLeod Primary School for achieving the Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM) Inclusive School Award.
The school has been described as ‘a highly inclusive school with a strong focus on treating each child as an individual.’
The assessment recognised that the school carefully considers intervention strategies, communicates these to all relevant people and actively involves parents. It highlighted the nuture group provision, as well as the strong links the school has with numerous outside agencies.
The report published following the assessment states: ‘No special educational needs are a barrier to the child being able to make good progress’ and that, ‘helping children to self-regulate their behaviour so that they are able to learn is a strength of the school.’
Well done to everyone at the school 

- Michelle Booker - School Improvement Advisor


Dear Mr Mustafa

Thank you so much for allowing me to visit this morning and for the time you gave me.
It was really good to meet you , to speak to former colleagues and to see the school at work. There are many positive changes and I am sure under your leadership there are more to come. I saw a school that was that was purposeful, focussed teaching and learning with well presented displays and polite, well-behaved children. Above all, it was so pleasing to see a relaxed staff who are happy to work at Alex. You are rightly proud of Alex and Alex should be proud of you. I hope you have many happy years ahead of you.
Thank you once again for your time but more importantly for the ethos and values you have brought back to Alex.
With every good wish,

- Laurie Cawthorne - Former Head Teacher


It really helped to go through all stages of anxiety and how we can manage it. I found the session helpful to learn some new techniques to try at home. Very useful for me and my son. Thank you. I really found this session interesting and would like to see more of these sort of things. It's even got me thinking about myself. Very useful. Some easy tips to follow..I found this session very informative and lots of helpful tips and advice was given. I found this session really helpful. Also enjoyed listening to other people's views and to learn it's not just my child.

 The CAMHS workshop - Feedback from parents and carers 


Congratulations to the entire team for successfully completing the renewal of the EYFS Quality Mark, with the new assessment criteria. The whole team were demonstrating the skills required to achieve the Quality Mark. The team have been highly reflective and have accessed a large amount of CPD since their last QM assessment. They have then used what they have learned to make adaptations to their practice. Well done.

-Assessor's Report, Early Years Quality Mark renewal


Was a fantastic morning- really enjoyed being there and networking with some of your families. Congratulations on building such a strong and successful community- really inspiring. I will most definitely be in touch in the new year about workshop space- thank you again! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Holiday and a great start to the new year, 

 -Claire - Greenwich MENCAP


Thank you so much for your e mail and the opportunity to come and talk to your students. It was wonderful to visit the school for the first time in 45 years. As I walked through the gym and various rooms it brought back many happy memories of my time there in the early 1970's.

I was so impressed by your keen and enthusiastic students. They were great!

Kind regards

-Terry - trench tour guide


I was blown-away by the support and efficiency of the staff at Alexander Mcleod.  Delivering NSPCC assemblies and workshops was an utter joy.  The children are incredibly behaved and were engaged throughout our important safeguarding sessions with enthusiasm and passion.

Look forward to our next visit in 3 years
-Ria Charlton - Area Coordinator South East London NSPCC Schools Service


To all staff at Alex McLeod

Thank you so much for being great guardians for my child. She has grown to enjoy learning which is an amazing feat by no means. Thanks to the wonderful staff for being amazing especially during a difficult time. My child has taken away some great memories. We wish you all the best in the future.  

-Year 5 Parent


Thanks to the whole foundation team for being so accommodating during my observations this morning and last week. You have had a significant number of children with very complex needs joining the school this month and I have been so impressed with how the foundation team have pulled out all the stops to ensure their successful transition into primary school. I was particularly impressed with everyone’s ‘can do’ approach –pulling together so well as a team, and coming up with such creative solutions and ideas. It really feels that there is a focus on each child’s strengths and interests with everyone working hard to focus on successes and small steps of progress. All of your new children look so settled and at home and each of the classes feels so positive and welcoming.

What a lovely school

With thanks and very best wishes

-Dr Rachel O’Connor - Educational Psychologist


'Just like to say a huge thank you to all the hardworking, dedicated staff working over in EYFS. After my visit last week I observed some outstanding inclusive practice. The staff are working above and beyond the call of duty. The lunchtime provision being offered to support the AEN children is amazing, showing that at Alex McLeod we really are an inclusive school. These staff really are a credit to our school which is why I'm recognising them for it.'

-Claire Collins 


'The production was brilliant, thank you to everyone of the people who played a part in all of it. The kids were fantastic! What a shame we are losing our wonderful music teacher, good luck to her, but a big big loss for Alex McLeod.'

-Rachael Sims (taken from Twitter)


'I just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I enjoyed the 2 sports days. They were both very well organised and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The competitive element was clear but there was no aggression or one-up-manship. Please pass on these comments to Josie and the team as we know it takes a great deal of effort and energy to organise these events. It was also lovely to be back on Bostall Heath which somehow gives it a true community and family feel. Thank you again'
-Sue and Alan Rayner

'An exceptionally strong sense of purpose permeates the school. This is underpinned by a determination that all pupils do as well as they can, and is evident in the rapid progress pupils make, often within challenging circumstances.'

-Challenge Partners Quality Assurance Review