Year 3

The teachers in Year 3 are:


Holly - Mrs Vigille     Juniper - Miss Farrall     Larch - Miss Choudhury

Autumn 2

We will learning all about fireworks, bonfire night and Guy Fawkes this half term linked to our Science topic of ‘Light’!

Our core text this half term will ‘The King Who Banned the Dark’ by Emily Haworth-Booth. We will begin our half term by writing firework poetry, focusing on sentence structure, powerful adjectives, rhyme and a range of punctuation. The children will learn to recite their poem and develop their intonation in order to retain the attention of the listener. We will then use the core text to write a biography about the King where we will learn about headings, subheadings and subordinating sentences. Finally, we will then write a newspaper report based on the events in our core text where we will learn how to use inverted commas and the possessive apostrophe. 

In Maths this half term, we are focusing on multiplication and division with 3 digit numbers. We will use a variety of methods to support the children’s understanding, including the bus stop method.

We will be developing building upon our previous knowledge about light and shadows. We will be creating puppets to hold a puppet show where we will then investigate the size of the shadow in relation to the distance of the light source.

We are learning all about fireworks, bonfires and Guy Fawkes in support of our Science topic ‘Light’. We will learn about why bonfire night is celebrated and who Guy Fawkes is. In Art, we will be creating firework art in the style of Jackson Pollock after our visit to the Tate Modern.

This half term we will be learning how to send emails and how to develop ‘netiquette’.

In PSHE we will be learning about rights and responsibilities as well as risks and dangers. Further to this we will continue with out weekly circle time on a Friday morning where we discuss matters that arise in the week.

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