Year 5


Please note that the information on this page will be updated in September for the academic year 2021-2022. Watch this space for some very exciting changes!







The teachers in Year 5 are:


Cedar - Mr Dickinson   Spruce - Miss Lucas    Oak - Miss Farrall

Summer 2

 Medium Term Plan


Here you can see what Year 5 have in store as the year goes by, keep up-to-date with key dates for your diary and also access important documents such as our Medium Term Plans, letters, homework and other announcements.

First let’s meet the team!

  • Oak’s class teacher is Miss Farrall and she is the English lead
  • Spruce’s class teacher is Miss Lucas and she leads PSHE across the school.
  • Cedar’s class teacher is Mr Dickinson and he is the Geography and EVC lead.
  • Supporting the teachers and children, our LSA’s are, Mrs Matuleniene, Mr Neal, Ms Newbury and Mrs Crowley.

Our Learning

Year 5 is a fundamental year in which our children begin to master all of their learning before moving on to Year 6. As they progress through Upper Key Stage Two, it is imperative that our children begin to deepen their understanding of what they have learned and apply this independently. It is with this in mind that we strive to meet the high standards expected of our pupils and give them the best possible preparation going forward whilst supporting them socially and emotionally. We are confident that every child is capable of rising to the challenges presented by Year 5 and we endeavour to provide them with all they need to achieve this.

Throughout the year, children will be exposed to high quality core texts chosen to challenge, excite and enthuse them to continue to develop a love of reading. We will study texts across a variety of genres including Poetry (The Lost Words) and magical realism (Skellig), whilst exploring moral texts such as Holes, Millions and No Ballet Shoes in Syria.

The main focus of our Maths teaching in Year 5 is to ensure that pupils extend their understanding of the number system and place value to include larger integers. At this stage of their education, pupils develop their ability to solve a wider range of problems using written and mental methods, making connections between multiplication and division with fractions, decimals and percentages. Our children learn the importance and relevance maths plays in our day-to-day lives. 

We will explore a range of exciting topics with the children throughout the year. In Topic, we aspire to give our children the critical thinking skills needed to make their own decisions when considering various points in history and current world practises which will prepare them for their learning in Year 6.

Our year begins with The Power of Nature. This Geography topic highlights the impact the power of nature has on humans and how we harness that power to our own advantage. We will then explore why this balancing act is relevant to us as individuals.

This year, we will also focus on the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings by answering the over-arching question ‘Were Vikings Raiders or Traders?’ This topic will explore the time before and during Viking invasions and the impact this period has had on our country today.

Lastly, we will learn about the migrant crisis in the UK and Europe. Alongside our core texts The Stranger and The Island, we seek to understand why people choose to leave their countries of birth and explore the challenges they face along the way in their ‘Journey of a Lifetime’.

Art and design and Music

In Year 5, we begin to start fine tuning our artistic skills by focusing closely on shape, space, tone and colour. Taking inspiration from artists from the Viking period to the present day, our children will have opportunities to experiment with a variety of mediums in order to produce pieces which have been composed purposefully.

In music, Year 5 pupils make up a core group of our school choir and musicians. In year 5, pupils have the chance to exhibit all they have learned in previous years and are able to audition for solos at special events and go on trips to showcase their excellence.

We believe all children are capable of artistic expression and we seek to provide them with the tools to flourish in this area.


Throughout the year, trips in Year 5 are used to enhance our children’s learning experience and promote a true love of learning. Having incredible experiences at their fingertips, Year 5 pupils will develop their understanding of specific topics whilst enhancing their social and personal skills. Our children will be encouraged to manage risks and use initiative out and about which will be essential as they near the end of their time at primary school.


Year 5 have the fantastic opportunity to take part in swimming lessons. Since 1994, swimming and water safety has been a statutory element of the national curriculum for physical education in England. This means that every 11-year old child should leave primary school with the skills to keep themselves safe while enjoying swimming with friends and family. Swimming is something that is much loved by all of the children and is a highlight of Year 5.

Year 6 ready!

In preparation for Year 6 we will focus closely on developing our reasoning skills throughout the curriculum. This will enable our children to approach all learning with a critical eye as well as developing their literacy and numeracy skills.


In Upper Key Stage Two, our children gain the increased responsibility of becoming role models and mentors for the rest of the school. Many of our children at Alexander McLeod look up to our Year 5 children and see them as young mentors and part of their support network. There are many new roles that will become available to Year 5 pupils such as Junior Sports Leaders, Healthy School Ambassadors and Junior Travel Ambassadors. These roles enable our children to improve the health and wellbeing of their peers and the adults they interact with whilst gaining greater independence.