Year 6

The teachers in Year 6 are:


Chestnut - Mrs Lewis     Willow - Miss Keane     Sycamore - Miss Dilley

Autumn 2

This half term we will be exploring the fascinating topic of Tudors. We will look at how our country was shaped by this dynasty. 

Our core text this half term will be ‘Treason’ by Berlie Doherty.

Taking inspiration from this text, we will be writing diary entries, informal letters and formal responses. We will also be developing key skills such as the use of parenthesis, question tags, subordinating conjunctions, as well as passive voice and progressive tenses.

In mathematics this half term, we will be looking at place value and calculation with a focus on methods for addition, subtraction and multiplication.

We will also be using investigations and mastery challenges to help us apply our maths learning in real life scenarios.

Our science topic this term is The Human Body. We are very much looking forward to learning all about how our bodies work, starting with the circulatory system. As well as learning about how blood is pumped around the body, we will be looking at what our blood is made up of and the jobs of the different cells found in our blood. 

Something we can really look forward to is our visit to Plumstead Manor where we will have access to their science labs!

In topic, we will be learning about the Tudors. We will begin by placing key events from 1066 to present day. Then we will create a family tree to understand how the Tudor dynasty began. We will also explore the significance of marriage during the reign of King Henry VIII. We will then move on to create our own Tudor rose using clay.

This half term we will be exploring Python and using this platform to programme our own adventure game.

In PSHE this half term we are looking at the differences of confidentiality and secrets as well as exploring acceptable and unacceptable physical contact.

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