Year 2


Please note that the information on this page will be updated in September for the academic year 2021-2022. Watch this space for some very exciting changes!







The teachers in Year 2 are:


Maple - Miss Lawrence     Elm - Mr Shelley     Hawthorn - Mr Ruffhead

Summer 2

Newsletter and Homework Challenges

 Medium Term Plan

Welcome to year 2!

On this page, you will be able to find out about all the exciting learning happening in Year 2. Below, you will find our half-termly planning, newsletter and a link to our Twitter page. First of all, we’d like to introduce you to the Year 2 team.

  • Hawthorn’s class teacher is Mr Ruffhead and he is the school’s MFL Leader.
  • Elm’s class teacher is Mr Shelley and he is the Maths Subject Leader at our school.
  • Maple’s class teacher is Miss Lawrence who is new to the school and a fantastic addition to our team.
  • The LSAs supporting the children in Year 1 are Mrs Savage, Mrs Morgan, Miss Ogunseye, Mrs Webb and Mrs Andrews.

In addition to teaching the Year 2 National Curriculum, we will also be recapping important learning from the Year 1. This will ensure any gaps in children’s learning from last year are closed and the content is mastered, which helps them greatly as they continue their learning journey at Alexander McLeod. Year 2 is a very important year, as the children consolidate what they have already learnt in Year 1 and deepen their knowledge and understanding across all subjects.

Elizabeth Warren said that ‘a good education is the foundation for a better future’. This year, Year 2 will provide the children with many excellent learning opportunities that will spark knowledge and interests in new and existing areas for the children. Each day we will provide various opportunities for children to explore new ideas and concepts, in a manner that is both engaging, challenging and one that allows children to develop important life skills such as independence, resilience and co-operation.

Our learning

These opportunities for learning will start with the high quality texts that the children will be exposed to. Our journey begins with Interstellar Cinderella and moves onto Rosie Revere Engineer, Meerkat Mail, Greta and the Giants, Wishgranter (a Literacy Shed video and The Enchanted Wood; each text will allow the children to explore new ways of writing and new worlds that they perhaps have never experienced before. Our texts have been chosen to challenge, excite and enthuse pupils, in turn promoting an enjoyment and excitement towards reading and writing.

In maths, we will be covering many different areas, including number and place value, the four operations, measurement and shape. Each area is designed to both build upon what the children already know and push their understanding of mathematics onto the next level. We will be using an assortment of practical, pictorial, mental and written methods to help ensure that maths is taught with a real clarity in Year 2, so that the children have a real confidence with it and understand how maths is relevant to their lives outside of the classroom.

Our topics this year have been chosen to encompass an array of geography, history, art and DT. In the autumn term, our topic Trains and Brains will allow the children to study historical inventors and inventions, with a real focus on transport from the past and the present (as well as the future) in the first half-term. In the spring term, our topic will be Our Planet and we will be taking a more geographical focus as we begin to read maps and make a greater sense of the wider world outside of Abbey Wood. Finally, the summer term’s topic will be Lost and Found, where we will be studying pirates of the past, unpacking an area that is shrouded within a lot of fiction in order to find out the truth. We are excited for each topic and are confident that every single one of the three will provide many amazing learning opportunities.


Throughout the year, visits in Year 2 are used to enhance our children’s learning experience and promote a true love of learning. Having incredible experiences at their fingertips, Year 2 pupils will develop their understanding of specific topics whilst enhancing their social and personal skills. Our children will be reminded that they are representing themselves and the school whenever we are out, and we hope that this instils a level of pride and responsibility in how they conduct themselves.

Phonics screening and SATs

Owing to the impact of COVID-19, the children missed their Year One phonics screening. We will be doing it instead in the second autumn term in Year 2, and your continued support with your children’s reading will be greatly appreciated.

All Year 2 children working within National Curriculum requirements are legally obliged to participate in end of Key Stage 1 Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs), which identify the attainment of children in Reading, Writing and Mathematics for national comparison. These tests will take place in May. During the coming months, further information and guidance regarding SATs will be issued to you. SATs are not something which either you or your child should be worried about.  Instead, they should be viewed as an opportunity to showcase everything the children have learned throughout their time in Key Stage 2. At Alexander McLeod we ensure the children take these tests in an informal way in their own classrooms to encourage them to feel relaxed and not worry about sitting the tests. Although we can use the tests to assess the children’s learning, their end of Key Stage One assessment will be determined by their class teacher.

Throughout Year 2, the children will have many incredible opportunities and experiences. We are really excited for how each child will grow and develop both academically and as citizens of the local community and the wider world. We are really excited for the year ahead and look forward to seeing all of the amazing progress your children make throughout the year.