Year 4

The teachers in Year 4 are:


Magnolia - Mrs Moore       Laburnum - Mr Regan        Mulberry - Mr Aikulola

Autumn 2

In English, we will be focusing on both fiction and non-fiction writing. Our core text this half term is Krindlekrax. We will use this text to write a diary entry in role, a newspaper report  about a strange event in the story and an alternative ending to a chapter.  We will also be developing key skills such as the use of adverbials, expanded noun phrases and using conjunctions to create subordinate clauses.

In mathematics, we will be focusing on place value initially. We will be learning about four-digit numbers and the value of each digit within these before moving onto comparing and ordering such numbers.We will move onto addition and subtraction where we will learn to use these operations with 4-digit numbers where exchanging is required.  We will then be learning to estimate and check that we have reached the correct answer.

In Science, we will be focusing on States of Matter. We will be learning about how materials can change state. We will be developing our investigative skills through scientific enquiry with a focus on observation and drawing conclusions.

In topic, we will be studying life in Ancient Rome and learning about the Ancient Greeks. We will explore what Roman and Greek life was like for adults and children. We will also look at architecture during this time and how these two ancient civilizations were governed.

In computing we will be learning how to develop software in order to create an educational game.  We will begin by playing and analysing existing games before planning and developing our own.

In PSHE, we will be focusing on our health, who can help us, and explore how simple routines reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses/promote health and welling.

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